A kind of dish in green and blue.


Cherry, a sweet fruit.


1. In Kurmani Kurdish, resort, mountains and deserts, nomadic resort; 2. In the history of Kurds and Kurdistan by Sheikh Mohammed Mardokhi Kurdistani says: Zozan is located between Mosul, Khelat, and Salmas; 3. A female Kurdish singer from North Kurdistan; 4. A Kurdish song.


1. Spring; 2. The narrowness of water to allow traffic; 3. Opportunity.


It is the name of the first king of Media and the founder of the dynasty. The king who has been mentioned by the Greek Gazenphon.


A kind of plant for medicine.


Brave and strong girl.

Zhilwan/ Jilwan

1. Fireman, one who deals with fire; 2. A person who raises vineyards and fruit trees: vinedresser, fireman; (Zhil) alone 1. Meaning: movement; 2. Tiny, the opposite of big; 3. Little fire under the ashes; (Wan) is someone caring; (Zhilwan) 1. means fireman; 2. vinedresser; 3. Zhilwan: A mountain overlooking the village of Maluma and opposite the Asngaran mountain and belongs to the Sulaimani region in South Kurdistan. See Zhilamo.

Zhiwar/ Jiwar

.1 Live; 2. Life expectancy; 3. Life quality; 4. It is a village at the foot of Kosalan Mountain on the banks of the Sirwan River, opposite the villages of Slen and Blbar.


1. Luck; 2. The gem on the ring.

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