Ilam, the Capital of Kurdistan Province in "Nezhal-Qolub By Hamdallah Mustofi"

Author: Esmail Shams

Kurdish writers and lovers of Kurdistan's history may not only find this title strange but also not understand this. But it is not surprising to me because most orientalists, Kurdish scholars, Western and Eastern Kurdish scholars, and Kurdish researchers from Mohammed Amin to Ereng consider the present Bahar Castle as the center of the Kurdistan province, which is mentioned in Hamdallah Mustofi's Nezhal-Qolub.

Moreover, after long research, while testing the opinions of all previous historians and researchers, I have proved without hesitation that the center of Kurdistan province is not the Bahar Castle of Hamadan but the present Ilam. Although my fellow researcher, Dr. Rahmati had previously suspected that Bahar was the center of Kurdistan, he had not determined its exact location.

Obviously, these opinions do not agree with the principles of expert research. Still, since it is difficult for scholars and readers who have been accustomed to listening to this narrative for centuries to accept it, I have decided that it is the decisive result I would like to publish my latest research, which I had previously mentioned only in a meeting of my friends, in "Kurdistan Nama".

Historical evidence and field research in the area and hundreds of historical sources in this regard and comparison of place names prove our opinion.

I am pleased that the Western opinion on Kurdish history and Kurdistan is not the last opinion, and a skilled Kurdish researcher familiar with the geographical location of the region, easily refutes their opinion and puts it aside. The results of this research unveiled most of the confusing opinions in this regard and paved the way for research on an area that I considered the heart of the Sassanid rule.

I have also written before that Lestrange and his supporters' opinion that the name Kurdistan first appeared during the reign of Sultan Sanjar Seljuk and Nezhal-Qolub Shasha and Suleiman Shah, the governor of Kurdistan, has nothing to do with the Seljuks. I can say without hesitation that the center of his power is not Bahar Castle in Hamadan, but Gri Gulwahar, located in the village of Mahdi-Awa in present-day Ilam.

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