# Name Meaning
1 Aban 1. The month of restarting rain; 2. The name of the guardian angel of water in Zoroastrianism; 3. Fairy.
2 Abasa 1. Like this; 2. Mirza (writer) of Shapur I of Sassanid; 3. The name of a Kurdish tribe in the Qamishli region in West Kurdistan.
3 Abur 1. Livelihood; 2. Organization and formation of wealth and finances.
4 Ad The word Ad has several meanings: 1. Island, land in water; 2. Strength, power; 3. God of strength and power; 4. In ancient times, it was the name of the god of the wind and became the prefix of many other words in old Kurdish. The letter (d) is often changed to the word (z).
5 Adad 1. The name of the ruler of the ancient Kurdish tribe (Lolo) who was from Babylon; 2. It was the surname of the chief of the tribe "Nasiko" in 881 AD. See the word "Ad".
6 Adar Adar month in Assyrian, March. See the word "Ad".
7 Adgar Complete, repeatedly, step by step, Successive.
8 Adiabn In ancient times, from the Medes era to the Sassanids era, the cities of Zakho, Duhok, and Akre! were called. See the word "Ad".
9 Adiyaman A Kurdish city in North Kurdistan, See the word Ad.
10 Ado In ancient times, it was the name of the god of the wind. This name is common among Kurds in West Kurdistan and Lebanon. See the word "Ad".
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