About us:

The world of humanity is, in a sense, a world of identities, and those who do not have an identity have no trace and window. Based on the fact and necessity, Kurdshop wants to bring language, literature, geography, shared history, culture, art, and all components of our nation's identity from one window so that Kurdish identity becomes more visible.

In the lack of a Kurdish government, due to the policy of systematic dissolution by the enemies of Kurds, all the areas have not been given enough concern and have received very little attention. Therefore, we do not have a unified language, our literary history has not been completely collected, and our fragmented geography and land are unknown to most of the people of this country, a large part of our history has been written by our opponents and enemies and is distorted, and our rich culture is fading in national dissolution and assimilation and cultural attacks. Our monuments are being looted and our art is not given enough attention.

In such a situation, as a national duty to preserve the historical, cultural, and social wealth in Kurdistan, Kurdshop decided to introduce Kurds, in any part of Kurdistan and diaspora, to their great national cultural wealth and also to foreigners in all these areas of Kurdistan, in the first step in Kurdish, both Kurmanji and Sorani dialects, and then the English Language. Kurdshop makes this website a platform to reflect the values of Kurdish society.

Nowadays, the digital world has provided an opportunity for stateless nations to express their identity more. In this regard, Kurdshop is the Kurdish window in the wide world.

Kurdshop is a non-governmental organization registered in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It has started its work with the efforts and cooperation of volunteers from all parts of Kurdistan to serve the Kurdish language, history, and culture, and provide reliable news and information with the support of Kurdish writers, researchers, artists, directors, and activists in all parts of Kurdistan. It hopes to be able to collect and preserve Kurdish spiritual wealth in Kurdshop and pass it on to the people of the world and future generations.

Kurdshop website aims to become an archive and reliable source for all kinds of information on history, language, geography, traditions, culture, art, archeology, and any other field related to the lives of the Kurds.

In this way, we look forward to the cooperation of all Kurdish compassionates and those concerned about Kurds to gather with us.

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