A Brief Account of the Yezidi Ceremony, "Charshama Sur" (Red Wednesday)

Elan Muhammed

Charshama Sur is the most famous Yazidi Ceremony; This is also the biggest Ceremony in the Yazidi community. Every year on the first Wednesday of Nisan, according to the old calendar, on Tuesday evening, the Yazidi Kurds prepare for Charshama Sur and go to the temple "Lalish" and light 366 candles and lamps and welcome the holiday with religious ceremonies.

According to the Yazidi beliefs, the God of the universe sends an angel to Earth every year to eliminate evil among people and spread good among people. Charshama Sur is also sometimes called "New Year's Eve, the Peacock King Ceremony, and Bride of the Year" and is also known and celebrated as "World Creation Day".

According to the Yazidi religion, the universe was created on the first Wednesday of Nisan. During this ceremony, the Yazidi community cooks and paints eggs, which symbolize the creation of the universe.

Scientifically, they say that the world or universe was formed after the "Big Bang". The Yazidi community has been celebrating this for thousands of years. This society knew how the universe was formed before anyone else!

On the morning of Charshama Sur, every Kurdish Yazidi family wakes up before sunrise. Everyone goes to the plains and forests to gather red flowers. They go to their homes and eggs are painted in all colors because when the universe was created, everywhere was decorated with colorful flowers. Flowers and eggshells are then placed on the doors of the houses. This means protecting their owners from any attack. Similarly, on the ceremony day, men put eggshells in their crops so that God would put more blessings on their crops and fields. Coloring boiled eggs and then sprinkling them among grains and crops is also another part of the ritual. Shekhadi wrote:

"Wednesday is a blessing day

Peacock King is created from tears and hearts


Voice is united and colors are thousand.”

The Yazidi community boils eggs on Red Wednesday because they believe that the universe will not take shape unless eggs are boiled. According to their belief, the shape of the universe is not formed in eggs, so eggs must be boiled to perfect the shape of the universe. As is well known, there is also the shape of the sun in the egg, the egg yolk.

After sunrise, everyone turns to the sun and worships for the whole world. After that, a sacrifice is made for the guests. They also prepare bread with oil and sesame seeds and distribute it to the poor.

In the morning, those whose dead have just passed away go to their sacred temple and visit their dead, and also distribute food there. No one should go to work on the holiday, and no one should get married in Nisan, in honor of the holy month of Nisan.

There are many special and meaningful ceremonies in the Yazidi religion, each with its own characteristics. Charshama Sur is the greatest and most meaningful ceremony of the Yazidi community, which has been celebrated since ancient times as the Kurdish New Year. Red Wednesday is the culture, language, and history of the entire Kurdish people. This holiday is one of the occasions and values of the Kurdish people.

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