Some folk beliefs in the memory of the elders of Kobani - Part 2

Diyar Hami

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(Reasons and Uses)

Folk beliefs associated with health factors

When a child has epilepsy:

Epilepsy: A disease in which a person, without knowing where he is, whether at home, near the fire, asleep, or awake, somehow gets out of control, his tongue falls on his teeth and his whole body becomes stiff like a tree.

To get rid of the disease, they would look for the name of Muhammad and collect money from them to buy a piece of silver by that much money. They wear the silver to the child to get rid of the disease. The reason for this is that the name Muhammad is sacred because Muhammad is the name of the Prophet of Islam. In another way, when the child became sick, it was taken to a horseman. When the rider passed by on the back of the horse, they would say, “O rider of the moon, what is the medicine for the sick?” And if the rider said anything, it would be a cure and a way to get rid of this disease. Nowadays, this belief is no longer used and no one uses these methods anymore and everyone has turned to scientific methods of treatment.

Hiqhiqo (severe cough):

When a person coughed so much that he could not breathe, it was called hiqhiqo.

It is said that to save the child from this, his family would take him and pass him through a hole in the rock three times. This belief, like other beliefs, has disappeared nowadays and most people rely on science.

When acne appears around the eyes:

Acne: Here, acne is like a piece of skin that appears around the eyes. In Kobani, to get rid of this acne, they went to women who had married their cousins (uncle's sons) and applied the kohl that the women had applied to their eyes, thus getting rid of the acne. The use of this method is now very few and few people use it.

For jaundice/for children:

When a newborn child suffered from jaundice, seven garlic pills, and a gold ring were said to be applied to the child to get rid of jaundice. The main reason for this belief is unclear, but it is said that the smell of garlic prevented animals such as flies, mosquitos, and mice from approaching children. It is also possible that this belief has been used for this purpose since ancient times, but as we have explained, when an idea is passed down orally from one generation to another, something is added or removed, which is very likely. Due to the development of science and knowledge, this belief is no longer used today and has been rejected.

For adults:

A few months ago, I safely survived a car accident, on the one hand, my family sacrificed an animal for me to get out safely, and on the other hand friends and neighbors were visiting me. My uncle was one of the visitors. He came and sat in front of me. Without saying a word, he slapped me when she saw me and spoke to me with anger. I had dozens of thoughts, but after a few moments, I was told that this was for jaundice. The reason for this belief is that jaundice is caused by fear, so it is said that it is cured by fear. This belief still exists today.

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