The People's Wishes are Still Tied to the "Miradan" Tree

Aras Hasso

Every time the circumstances were normal and the city had a spectacular view, the neighborhood children and I went to "Kashi Mishtanoor" (Mishtanoor Hill), but this hill was like a mountain for us. Although there were not any mountains in "Sirooj Plain" (Barazan Plain), this hill was like a mountain for us and we used to climb it. There is a tree next to this hill that has made this area look very beautiful. We used to see women coming to this tree, tying a piece of cloth to a branch of it, and leaving. Actually, I did not understand this story. Later my mother told me that this was the Miradan tree (wishing tree), it makes people's wishes come true through the pieces of cloth they tie to it. I knew I had to tie a piece of cloth to it, too so that God would make me grow up very soon.

Miradan Tree is such a heritage that still remains in Kurds' hearts. In Kurdish folklore and culture, there are many Miradan trees in various villages and cities. This is a berry tree in Kobane on Mishtanoor Hill.

The cities and countries are known for their beautiful and historical places; every place and their beauties possess a different color and feature. We used to climb this holy tree every day and until sunset, we used to run around it playing and joking.

According to the elderly of this city, this tree was as old as 1979. Yes, it is a berry tree but it does not have any fruit and it has been grown like this. Perhaps, its fruit is the wishing clothes. This tree is an important place for Kobane's writers and people. Every person wishing something would go to this tree and would tie a piece of cloth to it so that their wish would come true. The women who could not have a child, those girls who could not get married, those boys who had gone away for they could not marry their girlfriends, they would all go to Miradan Tree and would call it, say Al Fatiha verse of Qur'an and make a wish.

Drawn by: Mohammad Shahin

This tree has a spectacular view near this hill; not only it has made Kobane more beautiful but it also has made the whole Sirooj Plain pretty. Thus, when this tree is mentioned, many people think about their memories of it. In addition, several songs, stories, and narrations have been featured about this tree. This tree has embraced many people. It has been a place for hiding many secrets. This tree has kept the greatest story in its soul and heart, the story of Kobane resistance. This tree witnessed the historical resistant forces' attempts, it became "Arin Mirkhan" who exploded herself in front of the invaders.

One day I heard that the tree was cut by some unknown group. My heart stopped. Those who have lived around this tree know how much happiness and how many memories have been gathered in this small part of the world. This incident made many people sad. When a historical and beautiful thing is taken away from a city, that city will go into darkness. Now, I've missed that tree; now on which tree can we tie our wish clothes?

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